Dave's River Valley Harley-Davidson® Parts Department

Dave's River Valley Harley-Davidson® Parts Department


No two rides should ever be alike. With thousands of Harley-Davidson® parts and accessories to work with, you're free to create the motorcycle of your dreams with true, Harley Davidson Customization. 

For Harley Davidson parts in Mankato, just fill out the parts request form below and we'll do the rest! 

Only genuine Harley-Davidson® motorcycle parts are designed, tested and manufactured to the same specification and standards as those that were installed during the manufacture of your motorcycle.

Using Genuine Parts is the next best thing to getting a new Harley® and maintains optimum performance. When you go genuine you're keeping your bike 100% Harley®.

No other brand provides the long-term value and reliability of Genuine Harley-Davidson® parts, and we work hard to continually improve our parts. Our engineers monitor the durability and performance of components on every model, gathering hard data to identify any improvements, to ensure your bike continues to perform mile after mile.

Genuine Parts. Your Harley® deserves it.

We’re more than happy to state that when it comes to a specialized custom part that we can recommend - you can try every single part we have on stock and we can promise a quality experience. We wholeheartedly recommend every part we have available, as it is a genuine experience no matter the scenario.

Without a doubt, no matter the type of motorcycle that you have, we can make improvements. If you are looking for custom parts in particular, we’re more than happy to provide you with our genuine stock of custom parts. When it comes to a genuine ride that is unique to you, we have what you need!

Those who happen to have any questions regarding our parts and accessories lineup, we’re more than happy to provide you with the answers you need. All you have to do is fill up our online form and submit it to our department. You can also contact us at 507 345 6077.